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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Basic Cooking terms: The things you need to know

baste—Pouring, brushing, or spooning a liquid over food (usually, as it roasts in an oven), resulting in flavoring and moistening it. 

boil—Heating a liquid over high enough heat till bubbles rise rapidly to the surface.....approximately 212 degrees Fahrenheit, at sea-level. 

broil—Cooking a food, directly under high heat, until the top-side of the food cooks rapidly.

brown—Cooking foods quickly enough to create a brown surface.

dash—A small amount; between a pinch and a smidgen. 

fold A soft blending of food ingredients....softly enough not to blend the ingredients too thoroughly or quickly.

marinate— Soaking a food in a savory liquid, adding flavor and tenderizing it.

mince— Chopping food ingredients into very small pieces.

preheat— Bringing an oven to a desired temperature, in advance, before placing food into the oven.

roast— Cooking food in an oven, using an open or covered pan, so that the heat penetrates the food from all sides.

sauté— Frying/cooking a food, quickly, on top of the stove, in an open skillet, using high heat in a small amount of oil or fat, stirring it or turning the food, gently, to prevent burning.
simmer— Cooking food over lower heat, in liquid kept just below its boiling point. Occasional bubbles may rise to the surface.

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